Why Buy from LA Magic Lighting?
First of all we would like to thank you for browsing our website. Our #1 goal is to satisfy all of your lighting, and we can do so with our 20 years of combined experience! We strive on complete customer satisfaction: Lowest Prices, Highest quality, and most importantly, Top notch customer service. Being family owned and operated, every one of us pours our heart and soul into what we do, and we do it well. We have no commissioned sales people, so you never have to worry about being pressured into buying more than you need, we will sell you EXACTLY what you need to do the job right. Our goal isn't just a one time customers, we want you to be a customer for life. We offer the largest selection of lighting for your home, landscape, business, residential and commercial lighting needs! Three reasons you will never regret doing business with us:
1) We offer the longest warranties in the business,
2) 80% of our products are made here at home in the USA,

3) If you ever have any questions or problems with any of our products, we will do everything in our power to answer your question or solve your product issue to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Our Recessed Lighting, Track Lighting, Rope Lighting, etc. are the best in the industry, and we offer them at unbeatable prices! In terms of Recessed Lighting, we offer the same, and usually better quality than Halo, Juno, etc. and under half their price! And top it off, all of our Recessed Cans, Trims & Bulbs are 100% compatible with Halo and Juno! Why spend nore on a recessed housing, trim & bulb when you can get better quality formuch less?

Our Rope Lighting is all commercial grade, and offered at unbeatable value and price! We now offer LED Rope Lighting, which runs on a fraction of the electricity consumed by traditional rope lighting and lasts much, much longer! We offer the best prices on commercial grade LED rope lighting out there!

We are also pleased to announce the newest member of our lighting family, LED lighting! The benefits of LED lighting are astounding! LED Bulbs use a FRACTION of the electricity of an equally bright traditional Incandescant, Halogen, and yes, even Fluorescent CFL!  The bulbs typically last 5-10+ years, and most of our LED bulbs have an unheard of 3 year warranty! Spend a little more now, save a LOT more later! For example, a 3 Watt LED Bulb will put out a 30 watt equivalent brightness, with 10% of the electricity!

All of our Outdoor Landscape lights that are made out of Solid Brass or Copper are made here in the USA from the ground up! The best thing is it's all affordably priced, unlike some companies such as Lumiere, Kim, Hadco, BK, Vista, Kitchler, etc. which charge sometimes twice as much if not more for the same fixture with the same, if not lower quality! Here's some reasons you should choose our products for your outdoor lighting needs. Each item is personally inspected to ensure you recieve the highest quality possible!

There are other companies that are selling brass and copper fixtures to you for the same price or maybe a little less than what we are selling them to you for, but when we say they are made in the USA, we mean it! Other companies use the term "assembled in the USA" or even go as far as saying "Made in the USA", when in fact they are imported from China. By us making them in the USA, we not only use stronger and more durable materials & paint, but you get the hand craftsmanship only an American worker can deliver. Also, you are supporting this great nation by employing Americans, thus aiding our economy. The only way a company or anyone that states this claim can prove this to you is by the lead time on your orders. For example, if you order say 12 path lights from us, our lead time is 10-14 working days, as these are manufactured here per order. Whereas, another company may tell you they have them in stock and have a very limited range of colors. If they say it's not in stock, they may tell you that they may not have it for 6-8 weeks! Anything over 4 weeks tells you that it's going through the importing process in a container on a ship, from countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan, India, etc. Another way to prove this is that on larger orders if a customer requests a faster order time, we can usually accomodate them and have them ready in 5-7 working days. There's no red tape at LA Magic Lighting!
Other reasons to buy our outdoor landscape lighting are:

We use 200 Degree Spring Loaded Sockets with Stainless Springs and Extra Long Lead Wires, and Universal Socket Pins for every Bulb

Heavy Duty Tempered Lenses and Glare Reduced Designs

Marine Brass Hardware utilizing Heavy Duty Materials

Easy Re-Lamping / Loading Features...Even in 10 years you'll never have a problem changing your bulb!

Material and Natural Finishes that will last a Lifetime (we guarantee it!)

Lifetime Warranty on all Brass and Copper Materials

User Friendly and "Tool-less" Designs including Hand Adjustable Swivels

High tempurature Gaskets and Seals

Standard Componentry for Easy Maintenance

Heavy Duty PVC Ground Stakes

A Large line of Outdoor Transformers including Multi-Tap

Huge inventory for Fast Shipping, and prompt construction for all of our hand-made Brass & Copper items!