Why have over a million of these cans been sold nationwide this year?

Reason #1:
Beware of companies that are telling you to "Beware". These are nothing but scare tactics to make you buy from them! We have worked for these companies in the past, and we know their little tricks. Truth be told, we all buy most of our recessed lighting from the same manufacturers. Some of the names of the manufacturers are: ELCO, LITON, ELITE, NORA, DMF, ROYAL PACIFIC, REX LIGHTING, BEST LIGHTING, just to name a few.

If a company tells you that it's their own brand, then ask them about their UL or ETL approval. What you're putting in your home with these housings is important because of the risk of fire from non UL/ETL approved housings. If you don't want to risk the lives of the ones you love, then the first thing you should do is stay away from companies that lie to you, and companies that try to scare you to buy from them by lying and saying their product is better than others when in fact it's the SAME EXACT THING.

Another footnote, if a company will not accept credit card payments on a product be VERY careful. They are trying to take away your right to dispute any problems. Sometimes the money you save is not worth it, and don't sign ANY paperwork if you do give them your credit card other than the actual credit card receipt. It's just another trick of the trade.
At Sunrise Lighting we're just trying to be helpful whether you choose to buy from us or someone else.

Reason #2: Just by looking at our pictures, you'll see this is a legitimate housing for the price. Just look at the picture, it'll show you the heat shielded socket, the Airtight stamp of approval for states that require it (i.e. CA, WA, CO & at least 40 other states that require it). We offer an unbeatable price to the public.

Reason #3: All of our low voltage cans come with a USA transformer (as shown in picture) and also incude a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Reason #4:
Airtight and UL Approved for all 50 states and US Terrntories.

Reason #5:
Compatible with over 100 different brands such as Halo, Capri, Juno and many more!

Reason #6:
All of our recessed lighting is guaranteed to beautify and add value to your home or any structure or any structure you decide to use them in. Our products do not require any type of paper certification to prove this. Naturally you get the best value when you use the best!